Life threatening illness

I first attended Polly’s restorative yoga classes before having life threatening lung surgery…the classes helped me prepare…

One month later I was back for assistance with my recovery. Polly’s expertise assisted me with chest expansion postures and postures which increasing blood flow to the injured areas of my chest and my general fitness. My three month check-up gave me some surprising results – my lung capacity was greater than before surgery.  I consider a significant portion of my excellent recovery was due to these Yoga sessions – Polly’s excellent expertise and knowledge of physiology and the body – an ancient craft.  Woodgate is very lucky to have such expertise among us.

Now fully recovered I attend the Centre 3 times a week.  Not only to keep my “lung fitness” at its optimum but to include the Centre’s  knowledge as part of my spiritual practice.  

I urge anyone who:


      • Is injured or recovering from illness;

      • Wants to relax or wants relief for a busy mind;

      • Has an interest in spiritual philosophy;

    to attend the a class at the Centre. They provide a whole of body approach to balancing the spirit, body and mind.



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